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We can assist you in answering many questions such as career prospects, financial forecast, and more.

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Nadi Astrology

Everything about you has been written and recorded centuries ago by great sages on palm leaves.

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Nadi Chapters

Nadi Chapter or Kandams predict all astrological issues in every chapters through Nadi Leaf and Us.

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About Shri Agasthiya Mahashiv Nadi Astrology

Shri Agasthiya Maharishi Siva Nadi Jothida Nilayam in Kothrud, Pune is one of the oldest and trustworthy Nadi Astrologer Center in Pune founded since 1999. Get Clear Solution About All Your Problems. Counted amongst the well-known astrologers in choosing right palm leaf and reading predictions from palm.


Ancient palm leaves Revels The Will Of God

By just using your thumb impression it is possible to tell everything about you, your parents, your siblings and your future. It is said that Nadi is an ancient astrology, which has been composed by great Maharishi Agastya of Tamilnadu, India in the past using their spiritual powers.

The center at Kothrud Pune has has the readers of the highest integrity and skill from years of rigorous training. Authentic Nadi Readers are a select few who have learned the art from being passed down from generation to generation in the same clan.

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Our services

In case you are continuously going through hardships with no solution in sight, If you're experiencing some instability in your career, Whenever you have a dire need of money, If you want to stop misunderstandings between you and others, If you have some relationship related concerns; you can easily find effective assistance along with remedies those will help to keep off troubles from your happy lives.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a happy-go-lucky office worker, your career is going to get messed up at some point.


Many good marriages slip into crisis because we won't believe how much work it takes to keep it healthy and thriving.


The solution to property problems are easily sortout by Nadi Astrology methods. A dedicated Chapter is allocated for the same.


We’ll all experience health challenges at some point in our life; Nadi Chapters will help you solve all your wealth problems.


You need relationships to end to find out what love really is ! Know more about your current relationship.


Business problems are current or long term challenges and issues faced by a business.

Foreign Trip

A large number of people went on this journey abroad. Find the answers about your journey.


One of the biggest challenges parents face is managing difficult behavior on the part of children.

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