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The origin of the Nadi astrology (palm leaf reading) can be traced back to approximately thousands years ago. It is said about nadi astrology that the Indian Rishis or sages had written the life patterns of each persons life on palm leaves by their Yogic Intuitive powers. These unique leaves were initially kept in the temple library.

Later who were very much interested in knowledge related to nadi astrology they got the leaves from the library. This is a traditional service and is being practiced by generations downwards. The primary center for Nadi-Shastra ( Nadi jothidam or Naadi josiyam) is in Vaitheeswarankoil, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India. Here Lord Shiva is said to have assumed the role of a 'Vaidhya' or 'Doctor', who all aviated the miseries of his devotees.

In Tamil Nadu, the texts are mainly written in Vattezhuthu, which is an ancient Thamizh (Tamil) script. They were written by an ancient priest or "Rishi" called Agastya who had a highly developed consciousness. These ancient records of providence were made famous by practitioners around the Vaitheeswara Temple in the state of Tamil Nadu. First, the Naadi palm leaves are located based on the thumb impressions (right for men, left for women).

  •   The nadi was written down in ancient Tamil script called, Vatta eluzhuthu, in palm leaf manuscripts.

  •    There are different types of nadis written down by the Rishis and also there is a nadi called Siva nadi, which is in a dialogue form between the Lord and his consort Parvati.

  •    Saint Kakabusanda also sang verses to his beloved disciple, Goraknath about the destinies of men. And his nadi is called, kakabusanda nadi.

  •    There are Nadis like Ganesh Nadi, Brahma Nadi, Muruga nadi, tantra nadi, Shakti nadi, Atri nadi, Nandi nadi, Dhruva Nadi, jeeva nadi and Suka nadi.

  •    These nadi leaves are preserved by applying peacock oil on it on auspicious occasions.

  •    It is believed that these leaves are written only for the destined souls, who would seek the leaf, on their own accord at the destined hour.

Basics of Nadi Astrology

The basic concept of Nadi Astrology is "Nadi" (nāḍi). There are 150 Nādis in a sign or Rāshi (Rāsi); one sign is 30 degrees of the zodiac 360. Twelve signs of zodiac are grouped into three categories: Movable (Chara), Fixed (Sthira) and Dual (Dvisvabhāva) signs. The nomenclature of 150 Nādis is peculiar to each of these three types of signs. There are 1,800 Nādis in 360 degrees. Numbers and names of Nādis are identical among all four Chara signs. Among all four Sthira signs, numbers and names of Nādis are identical, but numbering is different from those in Chara and Dvisvabhāva signs.

Similarly, numbering of Nādis in all four Dvisvabhāva signs are identical among themselves, but different from Chara or Sthira signs. For instance, the first Nādi in Chara signs such as Aries is Vasudhā Nādi, but in Sthira signs the order is reversed and Vasudhā is 150th Nādi. In Dvisvabhāva signs such as Gemini, Vasudhā is 76th Nādi; that is, from the middle of 150. Thus, there are 450 distinctive names and numbers in the full zodiac. Nādi texts use this concept of Nādi as the basic unit for prediction. That is why they are called "Nādi amshas".


  •   When a thumb impression from a native is obtained it is handed over by the reader at the library. The palm-leaf bundles are classified & indexed in the library according to thumb impression to facilitate easy searching of the bundles.

  •    For each thumb impression there are likely to be around 5 to 6 bundles; each such bundle will contain between 50 to 100 leaves. The leaf of one particular individual may be found out in the first bundle or in any other bundle among the six. some times it may not be found out, as the predictions from this holy script is confined to some limited souls. Hence, the process of finding out this specific leaf is laborious and time consuming. Because the reader has to read out one statement from the first leaf and if it is confirmed by the native, he will read out the second statement to verify its veracity.

  •    If this statement does not hold true for the native the reader will have to go on searching leaf after leaf, bundle after bundle to trace out the one leaf in which all the particulars concerning the Native correctly appear., To expedite this process the Native has to extend his full co-operation i.e., he should listen to the reading carefully and answer correctly. This results in the tracing out of not only the leaf but also the first Kaandam also called General Kaandam representing the native's lagna.

  •   The General Kaandam will also furnish brief predictions of the remaining 12 houses of the Native's birth chart, If detailed predictions of any other house are required, they can be studied in the relevant Kaandam given in the Annexure. For acquiring the good results, as extended by this holy script, the Rishis insist that the Native should be free from the evil influence of all their previous birth sins.

  •    Therefore, the rishis suggest and specifies the performance of certain parihaaras (remedies). If these Remedies are performed with full involvement, the Rishi assures the happening of the events predicted by him. These are found in separate chapters called Shanthi&Deeksha(No 13 & 14).

It's coming from the past and it's the future. Ask the chance: You need to concentrate. Your query need to be the only thing you are thinking about. Then you will be ready.

You may want to ask a question. For example:

  •   What may happen my love life in the next six months to a year?
  •   I just appeared for exams, will I pass ?
  •   Am I wrong when I'm trying to reach the top ?
  •   How will be my finances in the coming year ?
  •   When will I get married? ?
  •   When will I get a good job?
  •   Will my business make money?
  •   Where would I settle down in life?
  •   Which name would be luckier for me?
  •   Will I buy my dream house in the coming year?
  •   Will I have foreign travels in coming year?
  •   Will my family get combined?
  •   When will I buy my dream home?
  •   Will my foreign posting be smooth and successful?
  •   When will my child’s health improve?
  •   Will I get back my Property after legal proceedings?
  •   When will I get a promotion?
  •   Will my career be successful?
  •   I wish to become a successful Model. Will it be possible?

It's coming from the past and it's the future. Ask the chance: You need to concentrate. Your query need to be the only thing you are thinking about. Then you will be ready.

The solution

Nadi Astrology gives details of one’s past very correctly including personal details and about future.Rishis who wrote on the Nadi leaves were known have had visions about a person in detail ‘till that person approaches a nadi leaf reader and gets his past, present decoded’. Future life of that person was written broadly and in advisory capacity. Remedies (called parihar) to offset/minimize evils are given more importance. These rishis wanted that when a person gets his leaf read, gets his future brief and then performs remedies.

Nadi astrology offers remedies for all kinds of bad karma. This involves visits to certain temples, performing rituals like donation to saints, virgins, married women and others. The remedies are based on the karma that each one has done in their past lives. Another important remedy is worshipping the yantra of the planet properly energized. It is better to worship the yantra of the devata of the planet rather than the planet itself.