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Shri Agasthiya Maharishi Siva Nadi Jothida Nilayam

Thousand of year ago, ancient Sages then living in south India with thier Divine insight through sheer power of their concentrated meditation could visualise the life cycle of humans,(Men / Women) predicting the present, past and the future aspects, scripted precisely on palm leafs.

To find out the exact leaf of a person, the thumb impression print of right for mal and left for female are taken also providing particulars, based on which his or her palm leaf is taken out after very careful scrutiny.

  • Progresses are indicated.
  • With Significant Reference to education.
  • Business , Professional Service.
  • Marriage , Child Prospects.
  • Health.
  • Chances of Going Abroad.
  • Acquiring Own House/Property.
  • Ownership of Vehicle.
  • Acquiring Ancestral Property.
  • Spiritual Progress.
  • Guru Darshan.
  • Guru Updesha.


  • Influences Of Navagrahas.
  • Negative Impacts of Past Life Karmas.
  • Hurdles in Marriage.
  • Educational Set Backs.
  • Problems in Carrier.
  • Court Cases.
  • Acute Diseases.
  • Loans etc.

By just using your thumb impression it is possible to tell everything about you, your parents, your siblings and your future. It is said that Nadi is an ancient astrology, which has been composed by great Maharishis (sages) of India in the past using their spiritual powers. Pleased with their fervent prayer and dedicated devotion, Lord Shiva bestowed on them with this remarkable skill, which is a kind of sixth sense extra sensory perception.

Ancient Nadi Palm Leaves are the historical evidences of approved list or certificate of several devotees living in this present age by Lord Shiva but it was changed by adding wrong information to disgrace Lord Shiva’s divine commands and diverted from its real intention, now its importance is hidden from devotees. Thus it was shaped like astrology for knowing future and getting mystical remedies.

With just thumb impression, one can find one’s nadi leaf, and in that the first tamil poem stanza will recite your horoscope and graha placement, with tamil month and year, the day and moon-day. And then proceeds to talk about your life and destiny. It will mention your mother, father’s name and number of co-borns. If married at that time, it will mention your spouse name and number of children

To alleviate of from all these problems and most importantly to lead a happy and peaceful life

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